eXtended Care Program  XCP

A Modern Approach to Overcoming Bad Debt

Say goodbye to traditional bad debt methods and welcome a revolutionary alternative – the eXtended Care Program (XCP). With our subscription pricing model, there are no contingency fees, just a straightforward $0.50 per week per account.

In a world where traditional collection strategies are becoming obsolete, XCP offers a fresh perspective. We prioritize patient satisfaction and foster meaningful dialogue to resolve balances, all while streamlining financial assistance processes. It’s time to embrace a new era of debt resolution and financial wellness with the eXtended Care Program

The program blends propensity-to-pay analytics, presumptive charity screening, and responsive communication technologies. Going beyond your organization’s internal billing and outreach efforts, this innovative solution screens and engages patients with affordable options to effortlessly resolve their balances.

Strengthen Financial Assistance

Operating in harmony with hospital financial assistance policies, XCP ensures that those in need receive help before resorting to external collection agencies. Positioned strategically at day 120, the program intervenes before the high costs and negative PR associated with traditional collections take hold. XCP is designed to be non-disruptive, offering a simple implementation, whether you choose to insource or outsource self-pay. Encore Exchange takes care of all the heavy lifting.

For just $0.50 per week, XCP delivers:

  • Presumptive charity scoring
  • Account assessment based on your financial assistance policy (FAP)
  • Returned worklists of eligible accounts
  • Outreach to patients via SMS text, interactive voice response (IVR), and mail
  • Management of inbound patient calls to prequalify for financial assistance
  • Empathetic collection agency engagement that prioritizes your patients’ dignity and preserves your valuable relationships

How far can 50 cents take you?

Measure the impact for your community and your hospital’s bottom line.


Accounts are assessed for presumptive charity qualification. Hospital remains in control of any adjustments as we identify and report accounts that should meet your financial assistance criteria.


Modern outreach and engagement via first-party SMS text message and IVR alerts. This initial communication notifies all patients of their outstanding balance as your organization’s final and courteous attempt to resolve their account.


Accounts are segmented into categories: those that you adjusted, those that require further qualification or assistance, and those that likely do not qualify for assistance. Workflows and custom communications optimize resource allocations and patient satisfaction.


Mailed correspondence advises patients of assistance options or adjustments to their balance, and provide direction for additional requirements that may be needed. Agency letters gently prompt unresponsive patients to take action while still nurturing dialogue.

Integrated with Your EHR

Our partnership with leading healthcare information systems is the result of five decades in the industry. Unique and proven integration means that hospitals can implement solutions in as little as 45 days with minimal IT involment.

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