Security & Compliance

Patient-Centric Security

Have Confidence in Our Secure Systems

We’ve designed the Encore Exchange System to prioritize and maximize data security in all aspects of our patient communications and self-pay management services. We know that we need to be prepared to face today’s threats confidently, which is why we value implementing security into all our processes. When you work with us, you’ll inherit comprehensive controls designed to secure our data and yours.

We have achieved compliance with the following framework and security standards.

Strategic Consulting Services

SOC 2 Type II

Encore Exchange performs an annual SOC 2 Type II audit that is performed and delivered by licensed cybersecurity audit firm, KirkpatrickPrice. The audit specifically tests Encore Exchange’s reporting controls that relate to Security, Confidentiality, and Processing Integrity. This attestation provides evidence that Encore Exchange has a strong commitment to security and to delivering high-quality services to its clients by demonstrating that they have the necessary internal controls and processes in place.

Successfully completing the SOC 2 Type II audit highlights Encore Exchange’s continued commitment to deliver best-in-class solutions and safeguards that protect and secure our customers’ data.

Value Plan

Choose a partnership that values security and compliance.

When you work with Encore Exchange, you work with a partner who prioritizes:


You want to work with a vendor that understands and supports your security and compliance efforts. With Encore Exchange, you can be sure you’ve chosen a partnership that will help you meet those goals. This means that parts of your own compliance have already been completed.

Data Security & Privacy

The Encore Exchange infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect your data and privacy. Protecting your data is our main priority, so we’ve taken all the necessary steps to design a program that values and protects your data just as much as you do.

Quality Audits

We’ve chosen an audit partner who provides quality testing and results we can trust.  Not all audits are created equally, but by working with KirkpatrickPrice on our audit, we’re confident that the controls we have implemented are well designed and operating effectively.

Shared Responsibility

Security and Compliance are Shared Responsibilities

As an Encore Exchange customer, you inherit all the best practices of our policies, architecture, and operational processes built to satisfy the requirements of industry standards and best practices.

As an Encore Exchange customer, you share responsibility for the use and management of our systems and the data added to it.

When we work together, you can be confident in the security measures designed to protect your valuable data.