Patient Payments

Patient-Centric Service & Technology

Patients are responsible for an increasing amount of healthcare costs and Encore Exchange is here to help. Leveraging the power of advanced patient payment technology, the Encore Exchange team delivers a solution that is configured to increase patient payments while delivering a positive patient experience. The Encore Exchange solution includes:

Assessment: Propensity-to-pay analytics and presumptive charity determinations


Pay Plan Offers: Proactive payment plan offers that are customized, based on choice, ability, and likelihood to pay Proactive payment plan offers that are customized, based on choice, ability, and likelihood to pay


Consolidation: Consolidated billing across services, facilities, and family accounts

Patient Payments

Common Configurations

eXtended Care Program (XCP)

Reduce Bad Debt placements while engaging patients that have become unresponsive to your internal collection efforts. Our alternative strategy allows hospitals to screen for presumptive charity eligibility, send notifications of adjusted balances on qualified accounts, and escalate to agency engagement on non-qualifying accounts. The results: earlier payments without the high cost of bad debt and the associated damage to the patient-provider relationship.

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Extended Business Office

For hospitals that may need the resources of a fully staffed and professionally trained Contact Center, Encore Exchange offers EBO services. Common workflows include comprehensive self-pay management from day 1 to 120. Propensity to pay analytics and segmentation strategies determine the most effecient outreach campaigns. IVR and live calls are powered by the latest dialer technologies. Patient Service Representatives are driven by a passion to connect with and help patients while emulating your culture.

Patient Statements

Start small with a simple change to your patient statement process, one that incorporates analytics-driven personalized pay plan offers that communicate affordability to your patients. Reduce calls to your business office as patients can self-activate their pay plans online, through a payment portal, or offline, simply by writing a check for their first payment. Our in-house Print & Mail Center is fully owned and managed by us so that you receive the most responsive service and maintain greater control over patient communications.