eXtended Care Program (XCP)

A new generation of patient-friendly engagement for today’s new normal.

We know your organization has invested in the best possible clinical experience for your patients. Encore Exchange is committed to follow that experience with a patient-friendly financial treatment unmatched for its convenience, simplicity, and affordability. In the midst of a pandemic, can you afford not to break from traditional routines?

With a benevolent approach to patient engagement and balance resolution, we provide a secure alternative to standard bad debt placement. Eliminating the costs and risks of traditional collections allows your hospital to nurture stronger relationships with patients and still protect cash flow.  

Benevolent Approach

Patient-Friendly Collections

A unique configuration of propensity to pay analytics, presumptive charity screening, and responsive communication technologies. Following your organizations internal billing and outreach efforts, this solution screens and engages patients with affordable options to resolve their balance. And by coordinating with hospital financial assistance policies, those that need help can get help before being placed with an outside collection agency.

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Integrated with Your EHR

Our partnership with leading healthcare information systems is the product of over four decades in the industry. Unique and proven integration means that hospitals can implement solutions in as little as 45 days with minimal IT involment.


Designed for Change and Flexibility.

The Flexible Business Office (XBO™)

The trademark benefit of the XBO™ platform is that revenue cycle leadership can choose the tools, technology, or staff that they need to augment existing resources and improve their patient financial experience. With today’s environment of uncertainty, hospitals need dynamic, flexible partners who can quickly scale.

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Configure the best blend of insourcing and outsourcing with a scalable mix of technology and services


Design the optimal solution with an open-ended subscriber agreement and digital communications to lower billing costs


Modernize billing and payments with a proven foundation of analytics, communications, and technology


Support the entire communications pathway with service and technology from one dedicated partner

We Believe…

The patient billing and financial experience should be more affordable, convenient, and easy to understand. To keep these values at the forefront of our mind and ensure they are addressed in every patient communication and interaction, we have adopted the motto:

Love the patient.

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