Call Overflow

Call Overflow and Contact Center Services

As hospitals confront staff shortages and patients navigate increasingly complex healthcare experiences, The Encore Exchange Contact Center offers flexible and consistent resources. Equipped with industry-standard technology and a skilled workforce, hospitals can ensure a positive patient experience even when internal resources are scarce.

Call Overflow Teams are staffed by experienced and skilled representatives that serve community hospitals as well as larger health systems and IDNs. Hiring and assignment processes are selective with intensive training that includes EHR system proficiency, mentor programs, and results-focused coaching.

The established skillset allows Overflow Teams to be quickly implemented and provides the needed capacity to emulate our client hospitals’ processes, policies, and culture.

Call Overflow Teams and customer service solutions support hospitals confronting staff shortages and provide:

Established and skilled workforce
Representatives equipped to emulate your processes, policies, and culture
Flexible staffing model adjusts to fluctuating patient volumes
Ease of implementation without IT resources
Volume-based pricing, No contingency fees
Patient Payments

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